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Check out this fabulous article by Saint Louis’s Riverfront Times (RFT) about Less Than Three!

rftBrewer and her committee expect between 200 and 300 kids to show up. “I hope everyone comes and shares their story,” she says. “This is a thing I knew was important and needed to happen. It should happen.”




15 Feb 2013

Great Mention in the Riverfront Times!

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Check out the cool mention we got on Publisher’s Weekly!

PublishersWeeklyIn addition to energizing her creative outlet, Brewer’s passion as an anti-bullying advocate continues to manifest itself in activism. She is a dynamic public speaker on the topic and has organized an anti-bullying author conference for October 19, 2013, called Less Than Three (<3), inspired by the emoticon—a “less than” symbol and the number three—that forms a heart, meaning love. Plans are for 16 YA authors, including Brewer, A.S. King, David Levithan, Ellen Hopkins, and Susane Colasanti, to take part.

5 Dec 2012

Less Than Three in Publishers Weekly!

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